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About Me

I was born in Henderson, Nevada on February 4. Instead of normal daycare, my mom dropped me off at a singing and dancing troupe at the age of two. This alternate daycare went on for ten years. Sometime in the ‘90s, my family moved to Albuquerque, NM where I performed with the Albuquerque Girl’s Choir and studied the flute. Yes, I went to band camp. No, that's not a normal thing flautists do…thank you very much, American Pie. Not quite content with singing, dancing, and flute…ing, I started taking acting classes and modeling. I attended the Carnegie Mellon University summer program for musical theatre, the University of New Mexico for theatre, and the New York campus of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy for musical theatre. I have had wonderful opportunities to perform in New York City, Los Angeles, regionally, touring, on stage, in benefit concerts, on film, in webisodes, and on television. The business being what it is has lead me to performing with improv groups, doing stand up, writing, and producing. I have found a passion for creating content with social commentary featuring a diverse cast lead by a well-developed female lead. Outside of performing, I'm a coffee addict, a bicyclist, a Buddhist, a gardener, a foodie and many other things including an aspiring super hero. I have a thirst for knowledge, and will try almost anything at least once.