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Here is what people have been saying:

Young Frankenstein, Palos Verdes Performing Arts Norris Theatre, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
◦ "All of the best jokes and bits are intact, from the “Roll in the Hay” wagon ride, which becomes a standout number for winsome Anne Montavon (Inga) singing and yodeling with innocent exuberance, to the classic revolving bookcase scene “put…the candle…down” for straight man Larry Raben (Dr. Frankenstein), to Tracy Lore’s (Frau Blucher) deliriously funny “He Vas My Boyfriend” reveal."
-Ellen Dostal,

◦ "…the magical Montavon makes Inga entirely her own lusciously leggy creation…"
-Steven Stanley,

Shrek, Performance Riverside at the Landis Theatre, Riverside, CA
◦ “Even though the musical was about Shrek, Anne Montavon’s Gingy might be the sleeper best character of the musical possibly because she stuck to the character without over doing it.”
-Marissa Bostick, Viewpoints

Bye Bye Birdie, Cabrillo Music Theatre at the Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA
◦ “Anne Montavon provides laughs in her role as curvy blonde Gloria Rasputin.”
-Cary Ginell, VC On Stage

◦ “...and Anne Montavon’s ditzy Gloria Rasputin are all comedic gems”
-Steven Stanley,

Francesca Barletta, Jim J. Bullock, Farley Cadena, Markus Flanagan, Zachary Ford, Austin MacPhee, Noelle Marion, Michelle Marmolejo,
Raymond Mastrocito, Harrison Meloeny, Micah Meyers, Anne Montavon, Tracy Ray Reynolds, and Celeste Russi.

Honky Tonk Angels, Covina Center for the Performing Arts, Covina, CA
◦ “All three have good country-style voices... Montavon is, by far, the best dancer, and director/choreographer Allison Bibicoff takes advantage of her skills.”
-Frances Baum Nicholson, The Stage Struck Review

Winter Wonderettes, Fallon House Theatre, Sierra Repertory Company, Columbia, CA
◦ “Montavon plays the tough nut Cindy Lou with sultry appeal. Her best moment is also one of the show’s best.”
-Patricia Harrelson, The Union Democrat

◦ “Most of the songs come along with humorous bits of dancing and tomfoolery, but a few-like ‘All Those Christmas Cliches,’ performed terrifically by Montavon-give the show its heart.”
-Mike Taylor, Sierra Lodestar

Boomermania, NoHo Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA
◦ “Once again, a talented cast portrays the Boomers: Daniel Amerman, Scott Reynolds, Alison Friedman, Anne Montavon, Dylan Vox, and Sarah Weismer dance and sing with superb timing. Their exuberance is perfect as sugar-crazed 50s children; their passion is contagious when they are protestors in the 60s; their confusion in the 70s is endearing; and they are heart-breaking as they smack into the reality of adulthood in the 80s.”
-Laurel Belgreen,

◦ “Montavon continues to combine terrific vocals with expert comedic skills.”
-Steven Stanley,

▪ Winner of The Scenie Award for Best Ensemble Cast Performance/Revue or Cabaret in an Intimate Theatre.

Love, Janis, Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, Rochester, NY
◦ "Montavon clearly connects with the emotions of her character, so that by the time her inevitable fate comes to pass it's completely, tragically believable."
-Eric Rezsnyak, Rochester City Newspaper

Edges, Duplex, New York, NY
◦ "Montavon gives a delicate and evocative performance of ‘Lying There,’ a beautiful soliloquy where a woman considers that the man sleeping next to her is everything she's ever wanted and she wishes she could somehow fall in love with him."
-Michael Dale,

Boomermania, Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, Rochester, NY
◦ "But it was Nicole DiMattei and Anne Montavon (loved her cartwheel) who proved that this was their night, their show, to shine with flawless vocals and high-quality showmanship."
-Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle

Johnny Mercer Jamboree, Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, Rochester, NY
◦ "My favorite was the lovely Miss Anne Montavon who is new to the Rochester scene and I hope to see a lot more of. She has a fine voice and great stage presence; I can see great things for this young lady."
  -Jesse Sutterlin, CWRochester

◦ " the second act, Montavon emerges as a convincing and versatile performer, especially in a sexy, pouty number called 'I Wanna Be Around.'"
-Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle