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Hey there! Thank you for visiting my page!

What am I up to? Why, thanks for asking!

  • I’m in rehearsal for an all female production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Everly sundeck in Hollywood. The performance is August 12th, and all proceeds go to charity.
  • Currently, I’m in pre production for a short. “Connections” is a dark romantic comedy in which Liza and Tanya learn more about each other the morning after they hook up. They seem like they were meant to be, but things aren’t always what they appear.
  • Connections has been accepted as a semi-finalist in the Austin Revolution Film Festival for screenplay. The finalists are announced July 15th. screenplay black
  • I recently took Diana Castle’s TIL INTRODUCTORY workshop.
  • I’m in post production for two shorts. “Early” is a comedy about communication in relationships. “Murder Noir” is a comedy about political correctness at a dinner party game night.
  • My writing partner, Dewie Sherwood, and I are developing a pilot, a couple of features, and a musical.