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Hey there! Thank you for visiting my page!

What am I up to? Why, thanks for asking!

  • Currently, I’m in production for a short. “Connections” is a dark romantic comedy in which Liza and Tanya learn more about each other the morning after they hook up. They seem like they were meant to be, but things aren’t always what they appear. “Connections” won the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (July, 2018) and the Austin Revolution Film Festival short script. It was also an official selection for CKF International Film Festival and Cindependent Film Festival.
  • I’m currently studying at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life.
  • “Can You Take My Picture” is an amazing short drama by Cameron Thrower which I was lucky to help produce. It’s currently making the festival rounds and has won Best Drama and Best Drama Short for the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival as well as Best Cinematography at the Culver City Film Festival.
  • My writing partner, Dewie Sherwood, and I are currently writing several projects.